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Over the past few years we have received comments from people from around the world commenting on our Award Winning Bar-B-Que Sauce. The following are some of our all time favorites as well as some recent comments. While Dave can't read them all, he does see some and sometimes replies himself.

Location: Ashburn, VA

Comments:I represent the Nugget in Sparks, NV, home of the John Ascuaga Nugget Rib Cook Off - I noticed you have not updated your list of honors and awards to include ''Best Sauce'' in 2012!, etc...huge honor, you should update your brag page for sure...Just say'in :)

Jennifer A.

Location: DeForest, WI

Comments: Wow! My family is so impressed with your signature spicy pickle chips. We picked them up for something different when we grilled burgers and LOVED them. We are all putting them on everything we can think of and the jar is almost gone after less than a week! Usually pickle chips languish in the fridge.

Elizabeth D.

Location: Brillion, WI

Comments: I just wanted to compliment you on a wonderful product! My husband makes a teriffic pulled pork roast with the help of your Texas Pit and Devils Spit mixed BBQ Sauces. Everyone compliments the flavor, and he always gives credit to the BBQ sauce! It also goes great on his country style ribs. Both recipes take 6 or 8 hours on the grill, but the wait is definitely worth it!

Would you be so kind as to add me to your coupon mailing list if you have one? It would be great to save money on a product that we purchase so often!

Thanks, and keep up the great work!

Alycia N.

Location: Dell Rapids, SD

Comments: We bought some of Dave's Texas Pit BBQ sauce and really love it... on everything! We just made salmon burgers tonight with sauteed onions and mozzarella cheese on a wrap and poured this sauce all over it just for fun and it was incredible! Great BBQ! Thanks!

Melody L.

Location: Barre, VT

Comments: I was born in NC and grew up on good BBQ. I currently live in VT and thought I was doomed to crappy BBQ for life. I recently went to Iowa for business and came across Famous Daves. Your building should have the light of heaven shining on it. I have not had BBQ that good since I was a little boy in NC. Thanks for making me believe in good BBQ again. I prey that one day I will see a Famous Daves in VT. Save us from the evil that is New England BBQ PLEASE!!!!!!!!

Well until the Goverment comes up with National BBQ Care and make good BBQ a right. Make mine Daves Famous BBQ.

David L.

Location: Blairsville, GA

Comments: Today, July 4, 2009 I cooked the absolute chicken that I have ever cooked. I cooked the grilled chicked and the beer can chicken. I have never cooked chicken as moist and tender as I did today. The video's on your web site helped alot. I WILL BE ORDERING MORE SAUCE, RUBS, AND MARINADES. I guess now I'm semi-famous Tim around my house thanks to your products.

Thanks and God Bless, Tim S.

Location: Rochester, NY

Comments: UNBELIEVEABLY FANTASTIC!!! I purchased your rib rub earlier this week at my local store and used it on some ribs, they have to be the best ribs I have ever had - and I don't normally brag about anything I have cooked. I am going back to the store to get even more of this fantastic rib rub. We didn't even want to use any sauce because the ribs smelled so good with just the rub on them. I will definately be going back to get some more, this will be a "staple seasoning" in my spice cabinet from now on. I am trying this on chicken tonight because it says right on t he bottle that you use it on everything so I thought it would work on that as well. I am so glad to have found and tried your product and look forward to trying some of your other products.

Wendy C.

Location: Davison, MI

Comments: I just wanted to write and tell you that my family and I love your Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que sauce! It is delicious, and it makes all of our ribs, chicken, chops and burgers taste wonderful! I am glad that it is almost grilling season again; I look forward to taking my bottle of Famous Dave's Bar-B-Que sauce back outside (and making all of my neighbors hungry).
Thank you for making a great product!

Lori A.

Location: Rockville, MD

Comments: Just a note a SINcere praise to the minion who came up with Devil's Spit...tried it at a preview for the National BBQ Battle in DC. There is no psalm or prayer that can help me now. I'm definately headed for the 'warm' place. It's the stuff that makes you say, 'when I'm bad, I'm better'. Send no prayers -- I'm not asking for forgiveness anyway. Keep up the sinfully good work -- if there were more people like you, there'd be no need for wars or panic. It's great stuff!

J'ette C.

Location: Moreno Valley, CA

Comments: WOW! I usually travel 72 miles to LA to purchase my favorite BBQ sauce. Throughout the years I have tried many BBQ sauces looking for "IT". Nothing would do except the sauce from a BBQ joint I have been going to for 40 years. Well Dave, you have done the impossible with your DEVIL'S SPIT! I will never have to travel to LA again for BBQ sauce, just have to go one mile. Thank you! You have a new customer for life. Maybe one of these days I will get around to tasting the other varieties, but I don't know how. Just love that DEVIL'S SPIT. I can't believe after all these years I have found a sauce I can get within 5 minutes of leaving home. Thank you again and I wish you continued success in your business.

Norma B.

Location: Georgetown, KY

Comments: Hey Dave. BBQ being the 5th food group. Gotta have SAUCE!!!!! Was smoking on my Big GREEN EGG, Easter weekend, 12 LBS of BUTT. I went to my favorite hiding place for my sauce, MY TOOL BOX. None left. This was a problem. went to the fridge and found a sauce I had only tasted once. DAVES SWEET and ZESTY. Glazed that pig 3 times and pulled her apart on the stove. The 3 of pulled and nibbled on this fiest. MY 2 other comrads - a Louisiana catahoula, AKA "SUGER" and my australian shepard "NOOKIE". the 3 three of us made quick work of this pig and loved the sauce. It is now number one in this Kentucky Home. Great job!!!

Chris H.

Location: Tiffin, OH

Comments: I recently purchased your sweet & zesty bbq sauce. Your sauce was awesome, not only did it Rock but it Rolled! I like to hear compliments when I cookout and I did recieve several; therefore it is only correct to compliment your product for the assist. thank you
Doug B.

Location: Reedsburg,WI

Comments: Dear Famous Dave, After years of not being able to find my favorite BBQ sauce and just about to give up on it all I stopped in the grocery store for another depressing session of finding a sauce that would hit the spot. I saw one on the shelf that I had never tried which was the Famous Dave brand of Sweet and Zesty. Let me tell you that it is wonderful. My family was extremely impressed and my daughter absolutley loves it. Please don't stop selling that Sweet and Zesty brand becasue we are sure to be customers for life. We live in the midwest near your resturants and will be stopping by soon! Thanks so much for a great product!

Location: Kahoka, MO

Comments: all my life i have been going all over the place checking out great bar-b-que sauce's...ive done this till i come upon yours set up in a store display in burlington iowa....is was your devil spit and i grabed a bottel....i tried it out and ZAP the stuff hit me as the best, spicyest, flavorfull, and wild bar-b-que sauce out there...i had to drive back there and grab more and i have some stocked in my fridge today.
fred k.

Location: Memphis, TN

Comments: My family has tried bar-b-q in Madison, WI, St. Louis, MO, Memphis, TN and every place in between and nothing, no where compares to Famous Dave's. The food is dynamic every time we visit Madison, WI and the service is always great. It is awesome to experience the consistency of food quality, presentation, and cleanliness. It is very, very hard to find this elsewhere. When visiting Madison, WI we normally take home about $30 worth of Rich and Sassy sauce alone! God bless you all and keep up the good work.
Mr and Mrs. J.W

Location: Brentwood, TN

Comments: We Love Your Food! Love the Music (when you play the blues) and we are transplants from MN to TN and are so thrilled to see your new place in Cool Springs! Do any stores down here carry your sauces?

When my 4 year old daughter saw your sign (she can't read yet), she screamed "FAMOUS DAVES!" We're all glad your here and have already introduced our friends to your place and talked to others about trying it!

Location: Mondovi, WI

Comments: Just a quick note - thanks so much for your fabulous sauces! My husband has never liked BBQ sauce or when it's used in grilling. Then we went to your Wisconsin Dells, WI restaurant and he was sold on your sauce! It's the only kind he'll use (Sweet and Zesty) and he buys it five big bottles at a time. We're also glad there's a Famous Dave's in Eau Claire, near our home, because it's our favorite restaurant. My son love the Rich N' Sassy.
Thanks so much! Cynthia M.

Location: Riverside, CA

Comments: We tried your Famous Dave's while visiting our son in Westland Michigan, We brought back some of the sauces and rubs and cookbook to California with us,and we are going to order some for the relatives we have in Texas and Oklahoma for Christmas gifts.. GREAT FAMOUS food keep it comin!!!!!!!!!
Thank you Jerry L.

Location: New Richmond, OH

Comments: My husband and I discovered your restaurant chain and have been "hooked" on your bbq ever since! Our love of your restaurant began on our first vistit when we encountered the most friendly waiter we've ever had. We have since learned that ALL your waiters and waitress are that personable as well as being 'Dave' knowledgeable -not to mention they are all efficient food servers. We next got a kick out of the garbage can lid which our dinner was served on. Fun fun fun What keeps us coming back, however, is the food...it's just the best food bar none! The bbq, as well as the sides and that corn bread...mmmmm These facts would be enough to keep us coming back as customers for years, but we've now gotten to feel as if we "know" Dave. His personality, his charities, his moral ethics. I can't imagine a better place to spend our hard earned money. Best of luck to you and yours. Keep up the great work

Sincerely, Debbi and Karl

Location:Chicago, IL

Comments: Yesterday while shopping for a barbecue sauce for chicken halves within minutes of going on my grill I saw this sign in the grocery store (Jewels-Chgo). "Buy one get one free" your sauce was sitting on top of the sign and away I walked with two bottles. It was another sauce that I don't care for at all -Mas--------, which I discovered while at the checkout stand. I purchased anyway. Man, Oh, Man that damn sauce took me all the way back to Bham, Alabama and the sauce Mama used to make for ribs and chicken on my Daddy's home made grill. It is sassy, not too hot but not bland either, just nice, nice. Where or where have you been all of my life!? It is so nice to find something as basic and simple like a barbecue sauce to set the soul singing and dancing, I take this kind of joy where I can find it these days. MY chicken tasted great coming off the grill with your sauce.

Thanks for putting the web site address on the bottle, and hey, the information about awards also played a key part in my decision to buy. Why not run a special like the one I thought they were pushing with a major retailer like Jewels? Had not heard of your company before yesterday (4-14-02)? Taste-testing in grocery stores? You are too quiet!!

O--- P-- Barbecue Sauce just lost a customer, for life. I know , I know it is just a barbecue sauce but it is soooo good. Thanks for allowing me to ventilate. Peace
Thurman C.

Location: Annapolis, MD

Comments: Dear Dave, My son is a Marine and was deployed to Iraq. During the 6 months he was gone I and may other family and friends sent him many, many care packages. He was sent many wonderful things including non perishable goodies like chips, nuts, power bars, candy etc. along with the much needed necessities. I thought the man could open up his own PX with everyting we sent. He was on the front lines and spent most of the war on the move. Now heres the accolade to you. Upon his return two weeks ago one of the first questions I asked was , "Ok, out of everything we sent you what was the Very BEST thing you got?" Thinking he would say cushion soles for his boots or dental floss, but no his number 1 item was the few small packages of Famous Daves Devil Spit I had sent.. It made me chuckle because I had take out one day from the Annapolis store and had some left over condiments so as an after thought whle packing a care box to him I put them in the package on the off chance he could use them. He was living on MRE's (meals ready to eat)which I figured must be bland. He said he put it in everything and he LOVED it. Made his meals worth eating. Just wanted to tell you this little story. Thanks for making my sons meals more enjoyable while he was at War. If he ever goes out of the states again I will be sure to have some devils spit ready to go. Thank you for your time
A proud Marine Corps Mom
Ranee W.J.

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From: David Anderson
Subject: Dear Marine Corp Mom
Dear Marine Corp Mom:
I was forwarded your letter and although I receive many letters (mostly complaints...Ha!) I had to respond to yours. Your letter made my day!!! I am glad that our barbeque sauce was so well received. Over the years when I toiled over a hot stove and was shoving all those hot ingredients into my mouth trying to figure out how to make something hot taste good...who ever knew that my sauce would be the highlight of one of our proud soldier's MRE meals! Thanks for your letter. I am happy to find your son in good health, I have prayed often for our soldiers.

God Bless

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